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Segment Builder

Segment Builder | Real-time marketing

Segmenting your customers into lists based on demographics such as gender, age, nationality etc has a lot of value.

What’s important to keep in mind is that people don’t only buy for themselves, and you should therefor never assume that everyone who looks alike buys alike. The solution here is to segment on behavioral data.

It can be hard to create a segmented list based on usable behavioural data. Getting data about shoppers on your e-commerce system into your ESP is difficult to say the least. Our Nordic partner Fresh Relevance, the real-time marketing hub for online retailers, finally announced the launch of Segment Builder. This new feature enables precision segments to be built for online shoppers based on behaviour and purchases and for the data to be imported into other marketing tools such as email marketing and Facebook ads.

Fresh Relevance collects data about online shoppers: what products they look at, what they buy and so on. The new Segment Builder functionality within the Fresh Relevance marketing hub makes it simple for marketers to drill down into this mass of real-time data and create segments for highly-targeted bulk marketing.

Here are a few example on how you can use Segment Builder:

  • Launching a new product – You have a new product range for Brand X. Select everyone who has looked at that brand in the last month and use that for your launch email list.
  • Facebook targeting – Target Facebook Adverts to people who have recently browsed products like you want to promote – and optionally reach a wider audience by creating a Facebook Lookalike Audience to target more people like them.
  • Competitor cross-selling – Select everyone who has looked at competitor brands for Brand X, but not that brand itself, and use that with a cross-sell launch email.
  • Learn who is looking at your sales promotion and who isn’t – Create different segments for subscribers who have looked at product(s) since the sale started and those who haven’t.
  • Export your ESP list with the details of active users – Export a segment of everyone who has viewed or purchased recently and import it into the ESP.
  • Combine a lot of rules together – For example select people who have looked at Product A, B and C within seven days – but not bought Product D, E or F within 30 days.

Everyone who receives your email will have a genuine interest in it, leading to what we all ultimately want, more sales and increased engagement!


Mirlinda Xhila
Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Core Relations Nordic AB
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