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Se livesändningen från vårt seminarium! #konverteringsoptimering

I november bjöd vi, tillsammans med våra kära kollegor på Resultify, in till frukostseminarium till våra kontor här på Regementsgatan 8 i Malmö. På plats hade vi självaste Eddy Swindell, marknadschef och grundare till vårt partnerföretag Fresh Relevance, samt Fredrik Ardmar, digital strateg på Resultify. Två personer med var sin ryggsäck (om ej två) fyllda […]

Podcast med Eddy Swindell & Ehsan Noroozi @onlinefolket

Det var inte länge sedan vi hade vårt frukostseminarium tillsammans med våra kollegor på Resultify. En utav våra talare var grundaren till vårt partnerföretag Fresh Relevance, nämligen Eddy Swindell. Nu har ni den fantastiska möjligheten att lyssna på ett spännande samtal mellan Eddy Swindell och Ehsan Noroozi i podden Onlinefolket där de pratar om det senaste nytt kring […]

Show a local weather forecast

The Weather is a major factor that influences shopping behaviour and it does this in different ways: Some products become more in demand with certain weather conditions, “The sun is out, quick go buy a new BBQ!” Shoppers behavior changes with the weather, “Darn it’s cold today. I’m not going into town. I’ll stay at home and buy online”. Our partner […]

How can real-time content help you the moment your email campaign breaks your website?

….one of your email campaigns is unexpectedly successful, thousands of would-be customers click through at the same time, and the load takes your website down….success becomes disaster within 2 minutes! Situation 1.  No real-time content It seems to take forever for your IT guys to fix it – while your shoppers change from being happy  to […]

SmartBlocks: Real-time Content

SmartBlocks are what our Nordic partner Fresh Relevance calls the blocks of personalized- and  real-time content.  You design the SmartBlocks to engage customers and build their journey, and Slot Rules select which one gets displayed. SmartBlocks can be used in your web pages and emails alike,  and in both cases Fresh Relevance render and personalize […]

Fresh Relevance Press Release: Real-time marketing

Segment Builder | Real-time marketing Segmenting your customers into lists based on demographics such as gender, age, nationality etc has a lot of value. What’s important to keep in mind is that people don’t only buy for themselves, and you should therefor never assume that everyone who looks alike buys alike. The solution here is to […]

It’s a wrap – We are now back from Salesforce Connections #CNX16

We are now back from the digital marketing event of the year – Salesforce Connections 2016 #CNX16! Connections is a three-day digital marketing event, focused on the power of Salesforce for marketers. The event was hosted by Marketing Cloud and the event showcased the Customer Success Platform. We got to experience amazing keynote speakers, breakout and […]

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