Using Pop-Overs to Add to The Customer Experience

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With Fresh Relevance pop-overs  you are able to capture email addresses, reduce site abandonment, and display relevant offers to customers.

The USP is that Fresh Relevance give you control, with Slot Rules to define exactly who gets to see each pop-over and when.

A light touch is essential: wait until visitors have seen what you’re offering! You are fishing, not dynamite fishing! If you hit them with a pop-over form too soon, they are very unlikely to fill it in. At best they close the form in annoyance – meaning you’ve missed the opportunity to get a vital sign-up. At worst, they bounce: close your site and go to your competitor’s site that’s next in the search results.

With Fresh Relevance, you can do things like waiting until shoppers have seen a number of product pages and know what you sell.


  • Show an email address capture pop-over to unknown visitors who are leaving (moving the cursor off the top edge of the page), or who have seen two-or-more product pages
  • Show a browse abandonment pop-over to visitors who are leaving (moving the cursor off the top edge of the page) and have seen one or more product pages
  • Show a cart abandonment pop-over to visitors who are leaving (moving the cursor off the top edge of the page) and have product(s) in their shopping cart
  • Target only a certain type of visitor dependant on their stage in the customer journey, to show them appropriate offers in your pop-overs, or invite them to do surveys on their experience.
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Browse Abandon Pop-Over

Foyles have implemented a browse abandon pop-over to reduce their browse abandonment rates. Using an incentive and a more embellished design is appropriate here as you want to distract the visitor from leaving. They also offer visitors a choice of routes to continue down either to continue shopping or sign up to their loyalty program increases the chances of an increased visit. This is where you would use an exit intent pop-over, using slot rules to target browse abandoners. Fresh Relevance can distinguish between people heading for the navigation controls at the top or bottom of the browser window to leave, not the scrollbars at the sides to read more:

Browse Abandon

Suvery Participation Pop-Over

Marks and Spencers display a pop-over asking visitors to give feedback on their website after they have spent a certain amount of time shopping. This means the already engaged customers are more likely to give feedback in their survey. Fresh Relevance can target visitors you already know are engaged with your site using Slot Rules, increasing the likelihood they will participate:

Survey Pop-Over


For further information please contact:

Kalle Rajala, Client Manager – Core Relations Nordic AB


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Mirlinda Xhila
Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Core Relations Nordic AB
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