How to run a Social Media Campaign

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Here are some great basic rules on what needs to be done to make a Social Media Campaign work according to

1. Plan ahead

In order to be successful in business, you must choose to plan ahead!

2. Use Analytics

The likes from Facebook and Twitter gives you great review on what people think of the offer you just maid. However, by using third-party tools to extract additional insights and also to crosscheck the data from the networks you can measure the specific campaign’s success and thereby justify the ROI.

3. Listen for feedback

In order to properly engage with fans and followers it’s necessary to listen to what they’re saying. Via Social Media tools you will be able to efficiently respond to other users, monitor the campaign’s success or modify it in response to audience feedback.

4. Plan for agility

You as a marketer have to remember what you are setting out to achieve, the brand values and existing tone of voice, otherwise agile marketing can appear cheesy and clichéd.

5. Plan your Channels?

Much of this will depend on the campaign aims and on which social networks your brand has already established a presence. Each network has its own particular strengths and weaknesses, for example Twitter might be most effective for short-term campaign that requires fast, responsive answers from other users.

6. Cross-promote

Social Media shouldn’t act in isolation so marketers should be using other channels to promote Social Campaigns. This could be as simple as using Facebook to cross-reference a Twitter campaign, or else using Email or In-Store displays to inform users of a new social competition or event. You can as an example choose to promote a Twitter campaign via your Email Marketing. 

7. Stick to the T & Cs

Make sure you’re up-to-date with each network’s T & Cs, otherwise you may fall foul of their compliance teams.

8. Invest in social ads

It would be nice to think that your content is so awesome that it will gain huge popularity through organic reach alone. However in all likelihood it will need a helping hand, so be prepared to invest in some social ads.

If you want more information regarding Cross-Channel Marketing:

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