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Usability studies have found that the inbox is an even tougher environment than the Internet when it comes to consumers skimming over content. Personalization isn’t just about using names – it’s about tailored content.  An email campaign consisted of “Dear [First Name]”  is now no longer enough.


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Dynamic Content is a feature in certain email marketing tools (such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud) that enable you to display different content in you email campaigns to different recipients, based on what you know about them. With this technique you will be able to create highly targeted, relevant information to all your different subscribers within one single email campaign.

By using Dynamic Content you can ensure that a more-tailored message is reaching your targeted audience, for example:

  • Showing women’s clothing to females and men’s clothing to males, in your campaign about the latest winter fashion to hit your store.
  • Showing a 20% discount offer to your loyal customers, and 10% discount offer to all other.

Dynamic Content is not just useful to retailers; any industry will have consumers who will have individual requirements and areas of interest.  You can for example  use Dynamic Content to provide the updates that your readers/subscribers will want to see in their inbox.

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Relevancy is the biggest reason to give Dynamic Content a go. So maximizing the attention your email gets by showing content that will grab that subscriber’s attention is really important. Unsurprisingly too, more engagement from subscribers leads to more people going on to take the desired action, which ultimately means better results from your email campaigns.

Another benefit is the savings in setup time. Have you ever had to produce an email for your organization where 90% of the content was the same for everyone on your mailing list, but time had to be spent creating a completely separate campaign targeting the other 10%?



For further information on Dynamic Content please contact:

Kalle Rajala, Client Manager – Core Relations Nordic AB


Phone: +46 40 616 00 77

Mirlinda Xhila
Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Core Relations Nordic AB
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