CASE STUDY: TOOLSTOP increases sales 51k per month with Fresh Relvance

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Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance Case Study


TOOLSTOP is one of the UK’s leading specialist suppliers to the building and construction trade, the professional tradesman and the DIY enthusiast, providing them with quality hand and power tool products delivered the following day and at a competitive price. The company works hard to attract visitors to its website, using a mix of banner advertising, Google Adwords and affiliate marketing. So, when visitors arrive on the site the company does all it can to convert them in to buyers and loyal repeat customers.


When Neil Bruce, E-Commerce Manager at TOOLSTOP, was introduced to Fresh Relevance he saw an opportunity to make major improvements to how they approached cross-channel customer engagement, both via email and online.

“The Fresh Relevance team demonstrated that they could deliver so much more than cart abandonment,” explains Bruce. TOOLSTOP were introduced to the value of browse abandonment emails, to achieve even greater revenue gains, as well as the ability to embed personalised and crowd-sourced product recommendations and other features, such as countdown timers and Twitter feeds. “What is more, not only can we use these in our marketing emails, but also our website,” adds Bruce.

  • 9495 cart abandonment emails sent, resulted in 2,279 return visits and 107 orders.
  • 34,421 browse abandonment emails sent, resulted in 2,785 visits and 27 orders.
  • Recommendations in marketing emails resulted in 37,422 opens and 295 orders.

“With an average order value of £120 we have increased our turnover by an additional £51k per month, with the help of Fresh Relevance.” states Bruce. “The results demonstrate an extremely good return-on-investment and we haven’t even started using recommendations on our website yet!

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Mirlinda Xhila
Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Core Relations Nordic AB
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