7 Simple Steps to Increase Your Sales by 36%

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Fresh Relevance figures shows that on average a website will increase its sales by a staggering 36% by following these 7 Simple Steps :



Step 1: Cart Abandonment Emails (8% uplift)

You are losing a huge number of sales unnecessarily when customers put products in their cart and drop out before completing their purchase. Of customers who get around to putting a product in the cart around 60% or more abandon before they finish buying.

With Fresh Relevance you are able to collect real-time data from shoppers as they browse. If they abandon their cart, you’re able to send triggered, personalized “cart abandon emails” to call them back and complete their purchase. Cart and browse abandonment emails get high open rates and work extremely well for pretty much every site.

Step 2: Browse Abandonment Emails (3.5% uplift)

You are losing even more sales when customers look at products but don’t get around to carting them. More than 2/3 of browsers drop out like this. By sending triggered, personalized “browse abandon emails” you call them back to complete their purchase.

Step 3: Personalized Recommendations on Email Campaigns and Product Pages (3.5% uplift)

Since many shoppers lack patience and will abandon after a few clicks  it’s important – as a company – to be as helpful as possible. Add a recommended products row to the bottom of your product page – highlighting trending products in the same category. By this you will help shoppers find what they want quicker. This will increase the chances that they will see something they want to buy.

Step 4: Email Address Capture Forms

Add an address capture form, so that unidentified visitors are asked for their email address after a delay or a specified action. Use a form from your ecommerce platform, ESP, or a third-party vendor. Either load it yourself, or create a Custom Smartblock using one of Fresh Relevance form templates and simply paste the form HTML into that.

The advantage of using a Fresh Relevance SmartBlock is that Fresh Relevance Slot Rules give you a lot more control over when the form is displayed and who sees it – for example you might wait until the shopper has browsed for one minute and seen at least one product page.

Step 5: Automatic and Hyper-Relevant Daily or Weekly Emails (8% uplift)

If you regularly email customers with details of products that are likely to interest them, then some of those customers will buy. It’s simple, maintains engagement, and has great ROI. Just one problem – manually editing product emails is a lot of boring, repetitive work. We all know we should be doing it, but most of us never quite get around to it, or we let it lapse whenever something more “important” comes along. So Fresh Relevance just automated these emails. You can setup automatic campaigns, which select the most relevant products to promote to each individual, and just let them get to work.

Step 6: Personalized Home Page (7% uplift)

Your home page is the most important part of most sites, so this is where personalization has the most effect on sales. As with personalized product pages, the idea is to help shoppers find what they want quicker, because many shoppers lack patience and will abandon after a few clicks.

There are two basic approaches:

If your company sells several distinct product lines (for example cars vs trucks, or banking vs insurance) you can get a huge uplift by showing returning customers the line that are most interested in. A shopper who is interested in cars will see content orientated towards cars, likewise for customers interested in trucks, and unknown customers will see a mix of both. Not just products change, but links do too. Create a SmartBlock for each case, either containing the content or a redirect, and use slot rules to choose whichever is appropriate.

If your customer chooses a wide range of products, personalize the body copy with trending products that the shopper will like (just like in step 5 above) and include recently-viewed products and categories in the navigation.

 Step 7: Bonus Ideas

What should you do after you’ve finished the first 6 ideas? There are still a lot of very profitable ways to improve your sales:

  • Improve your segmentation by creating lists of people with similar behaviour (e.g. recent visitors) or who have bought similar products, using Fresh Relevance data
  • Vary your contact frequency, so that e.g. highly engaged people are contacted more often, using Fresh Relevance data
  • Create a sense of urgency using countdown timers
  • Use Exit Intent Popups to forstall site abandoners (created from one of our Custom Smartblock templates)
  • Create more effective images automatically by personalizing for each shopper

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